Advisory Committee

at a GLANCE.

1. The advisory committee of National Maritime Institute consists of the following members:
(1) Secretary, Ministry of Shipping Chairman
(2) Joint Secretary, Ministry of Shipping Member
(3) Director General, Department of Shipping -do-
(4) Chairman, Chittagong Port Authority -do-
(5) Managing Director, Bangladesh Shipping Corporation -do-
(6) Commandant, Bangladesh marine Academy, Chittagong -do-
(7) Director, Seamen's Welfare & Emigration Directorate, Chittagong -do-
(8) A Representative from Ministry of Public Administration
(Not Under Deputy Secretary Status).
(9) A Representative from Ministry of Finance
(Not Under Deputy Secretary Status).
(10) A Representative of M/S Haque & Sons Ltd.,
Rummana Haque Tower, 1267/A, Goshail Danga, Chittagong
(11) A Representative of M/S JF (BD) Ltd,
Finlay House, Agrabad, Chittagong
(12) Md. Saeed Ullah, Ex-Principal, NMI -do-
(13) Principal, National Maritime Institute, Chittagong – Member Secretary
2. Terms of Reference of the Advisory Committee are as under:
(1) To give directives to upgrade the National Maritime Institute
(Former Seamen's Training Centre)
(2) To give directives to wave up the obstacles in the administrative work and financial aspects.
(3) To asses proper Training and the Trainees.
(4) To asses the activeness of Training.
3. Presence of 4 persons including the Chairman will be treated as Corum.
4. The committee will sit in a meeting within very three months with the permission of the Chairman. At any suitable time they may sit for a meeting to discuss and give decision about the activities of the Institute with the directives of the Chairman.